About Us

About Rexobe Consult

Your Business is Our Priority

Rexobe Consult is a business service hub in Nigeria built to serve the needs of founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs in Nigeria. We are the growth partner that every Nigerian business needs to ensure that they get it right the first time.

Business Formation

We help us secure: Business Name, CAC Registration Upgrade, Limited Liability Company, Incorporate Trustees and more

Business Protection

We help us secure: Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Industrial Designs and Sundry

Business Compliance

We help you secure: Tax Clearance Certificate, SCUML, Export Licence and more

Business Growth

Seize the opportunity for unprecedented business growth with Rexobe Consult. Let’s build your success story together!
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Company Core Values


About Us

We Help Our Clients to Achieve Their Business Goal

The essence of our existence equals partly as a growth agency, business formation, compliance and protection.
Using a holistic approach, we focus on customer happiness, and profitability when delivering our services which include, but are not limited to: CAC Registration, Post Incorporation Services, Export Licenses, Scuml Registration, Tax Clearance Certificate, Tax Consultancy, Trademark, Intellectual Property protection, Contract Licenses, Financial Reporting and Business growth tips.
We are a high-performing business growth agency in Nigeria with a strong knack for customer experience. We drive geometric growth and self-reliance to organizations and entrepreneurs while pushing boundaries to ensure they retain accurate customer empathy.
We are customer-centric. We are transparent and outcome-focused. Our previous projects are testaments to our expertise and experience. With each customer, we have delivered promises and with each achievement, we have realized our uncommon ability to traverse miles to exceed our client's expectations.

Rexobe Consult doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all. We offer personalized solutions to meet the unique needs of your business.

Our main goal

Creating a Business with Authentic Integrity

Rexobe Consult is more than a consultancy; we're your committed partner in the journey to legal business establishment.

Strategic Mission

We seek to provide the highest quality and standard consulting services to meet and satisfy the client's demands through helping them in making a sound decision for the better and greater performance of their business.

Strategic vision

To be the most appreciated, valued, referred and respected Consultancy Company in Nigeria. To earn the reputation of being a fine, reliable and result-oriented advisory entity.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Our Team Member

We Have Energetic Team For Your Organization

Dorcas Osato Aduroja

Legal Advisor

Faridah Eniola Mustapha

Operation Manager

Oke-Etume Ewomazino

Social Media/ Content Creator

Akindele John Prince

Graphics Designer

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