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Frequently Asked Questions

is the sole ownership of an original work granted to a writer, artist, musician, photographer, etc.

The organisation in charge of copyright regulation in Nigeria is the Nigeria Copyright Commission.

transmissions, sound recordings, cinematograph films, literary works, musical works, and creative works

Each work that qualifies for copyright under the Copyright Act must have an author who is a qualified person at the time of creation, meaning that they can be either (a) a Nigerian citizen or a body corporate incorporated by or under Nigerian law, or (b) a joint authorship author or any of the authors who qualify as qualified individuals.

Creative works such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, as well as architectural and commercial designs, technical drawings, and maps, are some examples of works that are protected by copyright. Literary works include poems, novels, plays, newspaper articles, reference materials, databases, computer programmes, motion pictures, choreography, and musical compositions.

An author's copyright covers a work of literature, art, or music for the duration of their life and for seventy years after their death. The owner of motion pictures, sound recordings, live performances, and other works holds copyright for fifty years after the work was first published. The work is no longer protected and is available for use by anybody after the term of protection ends.

To register, you must submit an application in person at any Commission office around the country or complete an online form. You also need to provide two (2) copies of the work to the Commission along with documentation that the required fee was paid.

Original works of literature, music, film, and art are all protected. How long does it take to register? It requires three to four weeks. To whom does copyright protection benefit? the author of the piece. On the other hand, the recipient of his rights conveys ownership of the copyright to that individual.


No, names are not covered by the copyright law but they might be covered under trademark law.

No, copyright protection does not require publication.

No, only expressions of the idea can be copyrighted

It means the unauthorized use of a copyrighted work such as importing, exhibiting, distributing, public performance of a copyrighted work without the permission of the copyright owner.

In the Federal High Court with jurisdiction over the infringement, a claim for copyright infringement may be made by the owner, assignee, or exclusive licensee of the copyright. In a lawsuit alleging copyright infringement, the plaintiff is entitled to any and all redress, such as monetary compensation, injunctions, accounts, and other relief.


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